A Validated Report of the National Conflict Mapping and Analysis with Recommendations for Actors

In this report a snapshot is provided of the major causes of conflict in Kenya and different scenario settings in order to capture the essence of the discussions and subsequent recommendations presented at the workshop. It is intended to inform and guide possible interventions following the findings of the studies. Since the period during which the study was conducted to the time of publication, it is acknowledged that there have been several developments in different sectors, which may have addressed some of the proposed actions made at the validation forum. The objectives of this meeting were specifically: 1. To assess the peace and security context in Kenya; 2. To map out peace initiatives conducted by various actors; 3. To identify any gaps and recommend possible interventions/activities; 4. To envision a multi-stakeholders’ action plan for preventing violent conflict in Kenya prior to and during and even after the next general elections. All speakers at the forum have made calls for strengthening Kenya’s Infrastructure for Peace at the National, County and Community levels with a view to address the myriads of conflicts in Kenya. This was underscored as one such venture that, if implemented to the fullest, would result into reduction of the levels of violence being experienced as well as preventing those which may occur as a result of the devolved systems of governance. Emphasis for continuous support to and facilitation of Peace Committees in conflict prevention, management and resolution was also made with highlights to build such committees where they do not exist being underscored.