African Futures 2050 The Next Forty Years

“With this monograph the ISS and the Pardee
Center for International Futures combines the deep and wide knowledge of Africa within the ISS with extensive use of the IFs modelling system, this discussion looks across most major issue arenas:demographics, economics, sociopolitical change, the environment and human development itself, including health and education. It explores further into our future than perhaps any other extensive study of African futures has ever done.While not pushing forward specific policy initiatives, it provides a context within which those who pursue sustainable human development can consider our policies. While providing us with a broad set of insights concerning where we may be going. Instead this publication provides one
possible future, shaped by recent and likely future developments, but with the clear statement that it is only one such vision. The intention is to build,in the near future and in collaboration with other African institutions, other visions, rooted heavily in alternative choices and actions across the continent.Clearly, the story of Africa‚Äôs future has only begun.”