African Journal on Conflict Resolution vol. 2, no. 2, 2002

This journal comprises of five articles. ‘Child soldiers in Africa: solutions to a complex dilemma’ focuses on the dilemma of using child soldiers in violent conflicts throughout Africa and on ways of resolving it in the future. ‘Intergroup conflicts and customary mediation: experiences from Sudan’ explores both phenomena, pinpointing what went wrong. It also argues that customary mediation, as a Sudanese practice, may have relevance for scholars in Sudan, Africa, the Middle East and indeed around the globe. ‘Issues in conflict resolution’ looks not only on conflict as physical violence but also in structural and cultural violence form. Focus should not only be on hostile behaviour but also on prejudiced attitudes and incompatible interests. ‘The emerging South African profile in Africa: reflections on the significance of South Africa’s entrance into peacekeeping’ discusses South Africa’s emerging profile in Africa. Especially, its attempts to reflect and comment on the significance and importance of the country’s contributions to multinational peacekeeping.’Water management conflict and the challenges of globalisation notes’ explores the globalisation of water issues. it addresses a number of emergent patterns in this process, i.e. the retreat of the state, the growth of transborder links and the formulation of globally shared values with regard to water.