Working Paper

Agriculture as a Potent Economic Growth Driver for the Nigerian Economy

This study is an attempt to assess the place of agriculture as a potent economic growth driver in the
Nigerian economy. Essentially, the study explores information concerning the critical roles of
agriculture to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and or economic growth of Nigeria; the study went
forward to identify various endogenous and exogenous factors that have hindered the maximum
performance of the agricultural sector in the country. Furthermore, the study, identifies other
economic growth drivers that can accelerate the repositioning of agriculture as a major economic
growth driver in Nigeria and Africa and finally, the study explores the various strategies that can be
adopted to position Nigeria and indeed Africa on the path of prosperity through the development of
the agricultural sector of the economy. The primary objective of the study is to explore ways of enhancing economic growth through agriculture by virtue of its potency as a major growth driver of the Nigerian economy and the African continent as a whole.