Briefing Paper

Aligning Africa’s Maritime Ambitions with Broader Indian Ocean Regionalism

“Blue Economy initiatives have proliferated in recent years, reflecting
the growing prioritisation of maritime affairs within the policymaking
community. Sustainability concerns related to climate change, pollution and fishing practices are an important component of this engagement, but there is equally an emphasis on the economic potential that improved ocean governance offers through, for example, shipping, offshore oil and gas, tourism and fisheries. Maritime security is also a prerequisite for the flourishing of this economy. Despite the adoption of a range of Blue Economy
strategies and initiatives, implementing a coherent and integrated approach to the Blue Economy presents numerous challenges. Key among these is the fact that it covers a diverse range of sectors and issues, many of which are engaged with sector-specific programmes or strategies. As Blue Economy initiatives increase there is a risk that efforts will be duplicated and inefficiencies will creep into co-operation efforts.”