Working Paper

Alternative Financing for Infrastructural Development in Nigeria

Infrastructure development is very critical to achieving human capital development in any
society. The economic impact that infrastructure improvement has on any nation building
cannot be over-emphasized as the growth of any country’s economy hugely depends on the
status of her infrastructure. The dearth of needed infrastructure in a given society places
serious limitation on human capital development. The major objective of this study is to critically analyse different and alternative scenarios that Nigeria as a country can utilise to finance infrastructure across the country. Scenarios to be analysed include: loans (domestic and foreign); as well as Public Private Partnership (PPP). This study is a desk research. All information and data presented and analyzed are secondary in nature from different national and international sources. These sources include: The Central Bank of Nigeria; The Budget Office of Federation; Debt Management Office (DMO), African Development Bank (AfDB), The World Bank Development Indicators (WDI), the Central Intelligence Agency – The World Factbook, relevant extant Laws and Policies, newspapers articles, studies by other authors on the subject, etc.