Anthology of Peace and Security Studies Volume 4

“The first paper in this anthology is “The practice on inter-ethnic conflict transformation in Ethiopia: The case of Amhara-Afar conflict in Kewot and Semurobi- GelaAloworeda”. The paper focuses on the Amhara-Afar conflict in Kewot and Semurobi-gela’alo woreda as one of the various conflicts in Ethiopia which can be described along ethnic lines and describes and analyses the process of transforming the conflict in the area. The second paper “Inter-ethnic conflict transformation in the post 1991 Ethnic federalism: Experiences from Asossa woreda in Benishanguel-Gumuz Regional State of Ethiopia” investigates inter-ethnic conflict transformation in the post 1991 Ethiopian ethnic federalism in light of experiences in Asossa woreda, Benishanglu-Gumuz Regional State (BGRS) vis-àvis to elucidate the relevance of inter-ethnic conflict transformation theory for internal harmony among people with different ethnic, linguistic or religious divisions. The third paper on “The political economy of small arms and light weapons (SALW) among pastoralist communities: The case of Borena , Ethiopia” studies the proliferation of illicit arms among Borena society, describes and analyses them. Fourthly, “The role of gender equity in promoting peace and development: The case of Awra Amba community Fogera Woreda of Amhara National Regional State” investigated the manner through which gender equality contributes to the peace and development efforts in the Awra-Amba community in the light of the conceptual and theoretical framework within which the discussions concerning the linkages between and among ‘gender equality’ ‘peace’ and development have been casted and proceeded. The fifth paper “The status of gender equality and its implications for peace: The case of Berek Woreda of Oromia Regional state” aimed at analyzing the status of rural women in access to and control over household resources, and their decision making power in Berek Woreda of Oromia Regional State as compared to the legal instruments adopted to minimize gender disparities.”