Briefing Paper

Assessing Policy Responses of African and International Actors on the Threats of Transnational Terrorism to Africa’s Security and Stability

The global war on terror and transnational terrorism have come to define the current political climate in the world. Transnational terrorism is everywhere from the United States of America to Australia, from Kenya to France, from Indonesia to Turkey and it seeks to redefine the
international state system and the legitimacy of sovereign states to protect their citizens. Transnational terrorism in Africa has made its existence felt on the security and stability of the continent owing largely to other pressing socio-economic and geo-political factors. This policy brief seeks to examine policy responses by African and international states and non-state actors on the menace of transnational terrorism. In order to achieve its objectives, this brief will analyse policy responses by African and international actors using the various levels of analysis that are available in international politics, namely the individual, state, systemic and the global level of analysis. On the individual level it will look at responses by former US President George W. Bush, President Barack Obama and President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya.