Assessment of Possible Intellectual Property Protection Options of Traditional Knowledge Systems in Ethiopia: Special Reference in Herbal Medicine for Livestock

This research was initiated to exploit the traditional knowledge on traditional
herbal medicine with special reference to livestock. Healing with Ethiopian
traditional medicine is not only concerned with curing of diseases but also with
the protection and promotion of human physical, spiritual, social, mental and
material well-being. Medicinal plants and knowledge of their use provide a vital contribution to human and livestock health care needs throughout the country. There are a number of traditional medicinal practices that reflect the diversity of Ethiopian cultures.The result showed that the current knowledge transfer system followed the inheritance based transfer system where most healers pass their knowledge to elder/eldest/son/daughter. The selection of the elect was based upon his/her good conduct and ability to keep the secret with regards to the medicinal plant use knowledge. The knowledge transfer system is bounded by traditional laws and can only happen through a cultural ceremony.