BIDPA Annual Report 1995/96

“This is the first annual report from the Board of Trustees of the Botswana Institute of Development Policy Analysis. It covers the activities of the Institute from 7 March 1995 to 31 March 1996, the first year that BIDPA was active. The main task during the year has been the establishment of BIDPA, in terms of infrastructure and in terms of its place in Botswana’s institutional landscape. A major event of the year was the conference on “Southern Africa and Eastern Asia: Experiences and Opportunities in Development”. The arrangement was of great interest to policy makers and analysts from Botswana and the Southern African region and also helped spread information on BIDPA domestically and internationally. The year also saw the beginnings of two major research projects. A project on Poverty Alleviation and a project on macroeconomic modelling. The purpose of the latter is with the aim of providing Government with a sound technical basis for economic projections which has been planned in cooperation with the Government of Botswana.”