BIDPA Annual Report 2000/2001

“The period 2000-2001 was characterised by several events that reshaped the BIDPA’s mandate and programmes in a profound way. First was the end of the African Capacity Building Phase I funding for BIDPA, which necessitated the Institute’s inevitable self-appraisal. This was done with a view to identify problem areas that needed to be addressed in the Second Phase. The period 2000-2001, therefore, marked the beginning of a new phase that sought to reshape BIDPA’s action agenda. The second aspect that had an important influence on BIDPA’s mandate was the Mid-Term Review of National Development Plan 8. A number of critical issues, such as the scourge of HIV/AIDS, unacceptably high unemployment and widespread poverty had direct effects on BIDPA’s research plans and programme of activities. The Review’s findings on the need for increased productivity, as well as improved government implementation capacity and more progress on privatisation, encouraged BIDPA thinking about Public Sector Reform related research. “