Brazil’s 2019 Chairship of the BRICS: Priorities & Expectations

This BRICS dialogue was jointly put together by the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD) and the South African BRICS Think Tank (SABTT) which we are always happy to have as a partner in these types of dialogues. There is immense interest in BRICS and the future of BRICS within South Africa and on a global scale. There is also an interest in the changing chairship from one country to another in terms
of the potential changes that could take place or what continuities we might see. Some dialogue participants contribute to BRICS topics from different perspectives and different work streams and the discussions will unpack the issues from different angles, and all are invited to engage throughout the event. The previous dialogue held in February 2019, reflected on “South Africa’s Chairship of BRICS: the Key Lessons and Outputs”. South Africa hosted the summit in Johannesburg in 2018, and all from government to think tanks to civil society levels, were actively involved and participating. The task is to take these discussions beyond the individual Chairships and build on relationships between Summits. Today’s dialogue, titled “Brazil’s 2019 Chairship of the BRICS 2019: Priorities and Expectations”, explores the BRICS Brazilian Chairship in 2019.