Briefing Paper

China-Zambia Relations in Development Cooperation: Towards Concluding some Unfinished Business

More formally, what are some of the profound elements of unfinished business in China-Zambia relations which tie to Zambia’s developmental goals and aspirations, including those in the Vision 2030? This policy brief sought to undertake a critical comparative assessment of the trade (and other underpinning socio-economic) developments in China, Africa and Zambia, with a view to understanding their impetus as well as their consequences, both positive and negative, for the three
territories. We offer unique perspectives and understanding about China-Africa and China-Zambia relations, taking a descriptive look at the history and present day GDP, trade, investment and demographic trajectories of the three territories. We hope this unravels the latent interests of the three territories, and highlights some of the tensions and opportunities that exist behind their trade, investment, debt and developmental relations.