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Community-based Multi-dimensional Poverty Profiles in Greater Tzaneen and Mutale Local Municipalities in Limpopo Province South Africa: Key findings, Policy Implications and Recommendations

Poverty monitoring surveys in South Africa is significantly institutionalized both in design and coverage at the national level; however, the non-existence of any institutional mechanism to generate Multidimensional poverty data at Wards levels remains a significant constraint in designing effective poverty agenda. The available national and sometimes provincial data are not sufficient to meet the needs at local municipalities. The purpose of the study was therefore to investigate the status of multidimensional poverty pockets in Mutale and Tzaneen Local municipalities in Limpopo province of South Africa by using Community based monitoring (CBMS) tool. The object of the exercise was to profile multidimensional community based poverty in the two local Municipalities. Secondary data was collected from various literature, research journals, periodicals, government official reports and statistics South Africa. Primary data was collected from a total of 1159 households from 11 villages in Mutale Ward 1 and 2140 households from 8 villages in Greater Tzaneen Ward 1. Administered household profile and ward questionnaires were used based on a set of selected core CBMS indicators. Mixed method methods of data collection and analysis were used. The researchers concluded that there is need for multidimensional poverty information from Ward levels for effective planning, programs prioritization and implementation. That CBMS has both the capacity to fill poverty information gap in south Africa at local government level and could act as an effective complimentary tools for Statistics South Africa survey