Confronting the Challenge of Development, Environmental Management and Peace Building in Nigeria’s Niger Delta: Beyond the Amnesty

This edition focus on reporting the key issues of the international workshop which confronted the challenges of development, environmental management and peace building in the Niger Delta: Beyond the Amnesty. It then presents recommendations for the amnesty programme in the Communiqué of the International workshop. Poverty in plenty: the paradox of governance failure in the Niger Delta Region is the Keynote address by Prof Gideon E.D. Omuta, Chairman Board of trustees, CPED at the International workshop and reflects on the key challenges in the Niger Delta. The history of conflicts and resistance in the Niger Delta Region discusses the grievances and discontent of the people since the discovery of oil in 1956. The challenges of Environmental management addresses environmental degradation, climate change and the depletion of common pool resources. In Challenges of Peace Building the amnesty programme and imperative of peace in the Niger Delta are outlined as aspects of peace building. Brief Reports on CPED activities follows.