Consolidating Democratic Governance in Southern Africa : Botswana

“This research report analyses the consolidation of democratic governance in Botswana. It is part of a larger study on consolidating democratic governance in Southern Africa. The report gives extensive coverage of political representation and accountability, citizen participation, local governance, and economic management and corporate governance in Botswana, arguing that democratic governance is being consolidated in Botswana, although there are limitations too. Chapter 4 explores the political system of Botswana, assessing how the central institutions of the state have interacted to promote democratic consolidation, as well as assessing the contribution of political parties and the electoral system to democratic consolidation in Botswana.Chapter 5 examines some of the following questions: What form does citizen participation take in the case of Botswana and what is the role of civil society in citizen participation? Chapter 6 shows the evolution of local governance and the battle against centralization in Botswana. It argues that local governance is a strong pillar in Botswana’s democracy. Chapter 7 analyses the economy, assessing in particular its contribution to the consolidation of democratic governance. The role of the state in the economy is being examined. Its dominance in the area of mining is noted and its use of the budget to address issues such as economic diversification, unemployment and HIV/AIDS.”