Crime and Insecurity Remain Near the Top of South Africans’ Agenda

South Africa is still grappling with serious problems of crime and violence. Both Statistics South Africa and the government’s 20-year review reveal significant progress, but both also confirm continued disturbingly high levels of violence. Ordinary South Africans are deeply concerned about their personal safety. As they have for the past decade, citizens continue to rank crime and insecurity as their nation’s second-most-important problem, after unemployment. Levels of fear and experience of crime remain steady and high. Majorities – among the highest levels in Southern Africa – report feeling unsafe walking in their neighbourhoods and fearing crime in their homes. Poor and jobless South Africans are most likely to report having been victims of theft and physical attack. Non-black South Africans, especially Indian citizens, report an increase in physical attacks compared to 2011.

23 June 2017
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South Africa
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