Cross Border Criminal Activities in West Africa : Options for Effective Responses

“The aim of this paper is to explore particular cross-border crimes in West Africa, and recommend options for effective responses. In doing this, it seeks to: (a)identify and discuss the different categories of cross-border crime; (b)examine the actors involved in these crimes and their modes of operation, (c)review efforts aimed at curbing cross-border criminal activities by looking at levels of state collaborative processes and regulatory frameworks; and finally (d)recommend effective options for government and civil society action on this issue. An effective response on cross-border criminal activities in West Africa will greatly enhance peace and stability in the sub-region for the much needed free movement of goods and persons, vibrant economic and social activities and human security. The paper calls for strengthening short-term, feasible and implementable sub-regional collaborative programmes backed by swift national enforcement measures to address the proximate causes of cross-border crimes.”