Diagnostic Study of Collaboration between the State and Civil Society Organizations (CSOS) in the Field of Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policies

The practice of evaluating public policies with the aim of improving public policy choices and reporting to citizens on the use of public resources has developed considerably over the past decade in the Republic of Benin. The country has undergone a process of institutionalizing the evaluation of public policies which has led to convincing results such as the development and adoption of the National Evaluation Policy, the creation of the National Evaluation Council, the establishment of the Institutional Framework for the Evaluation of Public Policies (CIEPP), the periodic organization of the Beninese Evaluation Days (JBE) since 2010, the development of a national methodological guide for evaluation, etc. On the strength of these performances, Benin is committed alongside several African countries in south-south cooperation through the program called “Twende Mbele”. This program aims to improve the performance and accountability of African governments to their citizens by sharing experience and developing collaborative tools between countries. The general objective of this study is to carry out an inventory of collaboration between the government and CSOs in terms of monitoring and evaluation and to propose the modalities and strategy for better collaboration in the future.