Briefing Paper

Digging a Future? Citizens see Positive Impact of Mining in Madagascar

“Madagascar is blessed with some of the world’s largest known natural-resource reserves, especially high-grade iron ore and precious stones such as alluvial sapphires. At the same time, its people are among the world’s poorest. Given the wealth of natural resources and poverty of the people, this dispatch examines how ordinary Malagasy view the impacts of the mining sector. Does it reduce unemployment and poverty in Madagascar? Does it strengthen the domestic private sector by stimulating support services? Does it improve security in the country by mobilizing more military resources in the areas of exploitation? Most Malagasy think the mining sector contributes at least “a little” to creating jobs and reducing poverty as well as to strengthening the domestic private sector, while fewer see it as impacting security in the country. Positive views of the sector’s impact are especially strong among citizens who are economically better off, who are employed, and who assess Madagascar’s economic situation as good.”