Extent and Determinants of Women Participation in Agro-processing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Dar es Salaam-Tanzania

The role of women in the promotion of agriculture and industrial development in Tanzania has recently become paramount. The existing studies on the role of women in agriculture sector have dominantly focused on challenges and opportunities and ignored the determinants and extent of their participation in agro-processing sector. This study was therefore set to examine the determinants and extent of Women participation in Agro-Processing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Using a cross-sectional research design, the study gathered data from a total of 184 women agro-enterprises SMEs in Dar es Salaam. The analysis employed Double hurdle model for the determinants of participation in the first stage (probit model). This was followed by determining the extent of participation by using Truncated Regression Model. The study found that, different socio-economic and institutional factors affect participation and extent of women participation in agro-processing activities. Based on these findings, the study recommends policy that supports inclusion of women in the agro-processing sector; strengthen Women groups and cooperatives at the processing level and provide expert visits and consultations. Such measures will certainly facilitate a significant improvement in the agro-processing sector. The study further capitalizes the need for capacity building in entrepreneurship and agro-processing and coordinated institutions and policies to support women engagement in agro-processing activities.