Financing Primary Education for All: Public Expenditure and Education Outcomes in Botswana

“This report presents the Botswana findings from a research project aiming to explore the relationship between public education spending and education outcomes at the primary level in developing countries. The overall project has explored this relationship from a cross country perspective before concentrating on three African countries – Botswana, Malawi and Uganda. The case studies provide important insights into how primary school expansion has been achieved from a financing perspective and practical lessons for other African countries attempting to achieve Education for All. The report is structured around its broad objectives, which are: 1) to describe education policy reform in the country and explore the country specific context in which reform and particular aspects of reform were introduced. 2)To review how Universal Primary Education has been achieved from a financing perspective and what implications the achievement of universal access has had on primary education outcomes. 3)An assessment of the effectiveness of the budgetary system to allocate resources efficiently (e.g. can improvements in the budgetary process lead to better outcomes?). “