Foreign Policy Convergence between Ethiopia and America

During the reign of Emperor Menelik II in 1900, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia was established. The diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and the United States was established after three years in 1903. During the monarchical period of Ethiopia (1931-1974) the relations between the two countries was in a good condition, but during the military regime (1974-1991) the relations declined. Currently, under the present government the relations have once again revived. The US consulate opened in Addis Ababa for the first time in 1906. The first official Ethiopian delegation to the US was sent in 1919. Later, Ethiopia opened a consulate in Washington DC in 1943. In 1949 both countries agreed to upgrade their relationship at an ambassadorial level and then Ras Imeru Haileselassie became the first Ethiopian ambassador to the United States of America. After World War II, both countries signed agreements that
strengthened their ties.