Briefing Paper

IJR Uganda Country Profile

“The history of Uganda since independence in 1962 has been marked by economic divisions
reflecting the colonial period, and by the use of violence as a political tool. As the competition for political power and material resources escalated, ethnic and tribal conflict intensified, with Uganda’s new leaders repeatedly taking sides to promote the interests of particular ethnic groups, to the neglect of others. It is a conflict that has spiralled into a military confrontation between the Government of Uganda (GoU) and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). In order to understand these developments, the Ugandan situation needs to be examined in its broader geographical, economic and political context. The following pages provide a brief historical overview of the conflict leading to the prevailing situation in the country. This is followed by a review of the situation in northern Uganda and its impact beyond Uganda’s borders. Attention is then given to attempts being made, both nationally and internationally, to resolve the conflict.”