Briefing Paper

Improving Immunisation in Urban Slum Areas in Nigeria through Stakeholder Participation: Implication for Research

This policy brief is based on the findings of CPED’s on-going implementation research on “Improving immunisation in urban slum areas of Nigeria through stakeholder participation”. The project is one of the small scale implementation research programmes with support from the Think Tank Initiative funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Ottawa and other donors. The objectives of the research are (i) To determine the extent of full and up-to-date immunization
coverage among children aged between 12-23 months living in selected slum community areas of Nigerian cities; (ii) To better understand caregivers’ knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding immunization and the health system and how these may contribute to sub-optimal vaccination; and (iii) To recommend modifications to service availability, provider practices, community mobilization, and/or health promotion that could improve immunization coverage. This policy brief reports on the findings and recommendations of the research project in a slum area in Warri, Delta State.