Journal of Energy in Southern Africa Vol 25 No 2

This journal comprises several excellent articles. “Challenges in household energisation and the poor” highlights the challenges to supply energy to the poor and the health risks of using traditional fuels. “Design of a low voltage DC microgrid system for rural electrification in South Africa” describes the design of a low voltage DC microgrid system for rural electrification in South Afirca. “South African renewable energy investment barriers: An investor perspective” explores the reluctance of private investors to invest in renewable energy. “A PV power supply module for a portable Cubesat satellite ground station” focuses on the problem of powering a remote and mobile satellite ground station. “Optimization and effects of process variables on the production and properties of methyl ester
biodiesel” is looking at the production of biodiesel and how this can be optimized. “Voltage stability enhancement using an adaptive hysteresis controlled variable speed wind turbine driven EESG with MPPT” investigates voltage stability in variable speed wind turbines. “Use of hybrid solar-wind energy generation for remote area electrification in South-Eastern Nigeria” examines solar wind energy generation as an alternative for rural areas. “An analysis of the solar service provider industry in the Western Cape, South Africa” focuses on the solar industry. “Performance of a compression ignition engine operated with sunflower ethyl ester under different engine loads” investigates the performance of an engine operating on sunflower ethyl ester. In “A review on protective relays’ developments and trends” light is shed on the evolution of protective relays since the onset of electrical energy. The next paper describes the characteristics, usage and applications of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant. The next article looks at fuel properties and analysis of biodiesel from Kenya used in engines. The last article is a comparable study on control strategies used to control high power turbines.