Briefing Paper

Key Findings of the Primary Health Care Study in Delta State, Nigeria

Data for the Primary Health Care (PHC) study in Delta State was collected from public and private PHC facilities in nine Local Government Areas (LGAs) selected from the three senatorial zones in the state. This study was designed to provide information on the general performance and utilization of PHCs that offer primary health care services including maternal, child, and reproductive health services as well as services for specific infectious diseases, such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), and malaria. Collected information was used to assess the capacity of facilities to provide good quality services and also to assess the existence and the strengths and weaknesses of infrastructure and systems to support these services. The survey also sought to assess adherence to standards in the delivery of curative care for sick children, family planning, antenatal care (ANC), normal and complicated deliveries. Community health workers, community stakeholders and mothers of children were interviewed in a sample of communities in the nine LGAs where these PHC facilities were surveyed.