Key Policy Initiatives for Ghana’s Post COVID-19 Recovery

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused extensive disruption to Ghana’s economy, with severe effects on businesses, jobs and livelihoods. The post-pandemic recovery will be arduous and protracted, and it will require well-coordinated and comprehensive policies to turn the situation around. This paper presents some policy initiatives that the IEA believes are key for immediate recovery and long-term growth. In this regard, the paper calls for: i) scaling up revenue and allocating it prudently and efficiently, especially in favour of investment spending; ii) a complementary role for monetary policy in terms of providing direct support to the economy and financial accommodation to government; iii) leveraging our natural resources to support industrialisation and post-Covid recovery; iv) developing and tapping the potential of agriculture to ensure food security and support long-term growth; and v) promoting industrialisation by leveraging our natural and agricultural resources to transform the economy.