Labour Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa to be included in Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

“In this survey the operation of both formal and informal labour markets in Africa are analyzed, as well as their impact on employment, wages, poverty and income distribution. Links will be established between the labour markets, the pattern of employment and poverty and ways are discussed to improve the functioning of the labour markets, which can lead to increased efficiency and poverty alleviation. The paper is structured as follows. In Section 2 the availability of data for the labour market analysis in Africa is discussed. Then in Section 3 some basic facts about the African labour force are presented. Section 4 outlines the structure of African labour markets, formal and informal, urban and rural,private and public. Section 5 is devoted to a discussion of wage determination, market segmentation and gender differentials, Section 6 discusses migration. Section 7 deals with the determinants of labour supply, while the determinants of aggregate employment are covered in Section 8. Section 9 reviews the evidence on labour market institutions and government policy. Section 10 concludes and provides some policy recommendations.”