Land and Agrarian Reform in South Africa

“In order to achieve these objectives, the first step is a report on the current state of land and agrarian reform in the respective countries taking part in the study. In the case of South Africa, as with many of the other countries, the task is a substantial one. In South Africa, as shall be demonstrated, land reform is essentially taking place in three spheres, namely redistribution, restitution and land tenure, and each has its own set of concerns and
dynamics. The Herculean task of dealing with all aspects of land and agrarian reform means
that the report touches on some issues and where there are repetitive concerns elaborates on those. The Southern African region is obviously not a homogenous one and, consequently, it is ill advised to fall into the trap of finding a one-size-fits-all solution to the land and agrarian problem of the area; but every attempt should be made, as the objectives of the Support to Land and Agrarian Reform Project stipulate, to learn from the successes of land and agrarian
reform in the region to ensure that land reform fulfils another objective of this study, the alleviation of poverty.”