Briefing Paper

OSSREA Bulletin Vol 7 No 1

In this bulletin the following articles features: 1)A Glimpse at Preparations for Copenhagen and its Accord 2) South-South Co-operation or Sub-Imperialism? South African “Quiet Diplomacy”, SADC Docility, and the Underdevelopment of Zimbabwe. This paper grapples with the ensuing crucial questions: What are the underlying principles of the so called South African “quite diplomacy”? Who controls SADC principally as it regards the (none) resolution of the Zimbabwe question? And lastly, what importance and opportunity
did the crisis in Zimbabwe provide to South Africa and other SADC regional countries in the context of the World Economic Recession? 3)Armed Conflict and Its Impact on Environment in Central and Southern Africa. This paper is a highlight on the environmental impacts of wars that have been waged or are still raging on in central
and southern Africa. 4)Revitalizing Growth in Africa in the Era of Global Crisis: Reforms vs Institutional Transformation.