Peace and Security Council Report Issue 120

The first article is titled: Election of new members: is the PSC at a crossroads? The African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council (PSC) will elect 10 new members for a two-year term in February 2020.
This could reconfigure the PSC in a way that might have far-reaching implications for its decisions over the next two years. The second article on page 5 is titled: The PSC should do more to respond to conflicts in 2020. Looking back at 2019, it is clear that the PSC discussed and responded to a number of conflicts in Africa over the course of the year. These include Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Libya and the Central African Republic (CAR). The following article on page 8 : How to rationalise Africa’s many partnerships? The scramble to join the long list of Africa’s partners continues. In October this year Russia became the latest partner when President Vladimir Putin hosted over 40 heads of state or government at the first Russia–Africa summit at Sochi, the Black Sea resort. On page 10: The AU’s Youth, Peace and Security agenda: one year on. On 15 November the PSC held its second Open Session on Youth, Peace and Security. During the session, the first African youth ambassadors for peace were presented to the PSC. On page 12: Can Africa weather the storm in 2020? Hama Amadou, Niger’s main opposition leader, returned to this country on 14 November 2019, after three years of exile in France. He was subsequently arrested and imprisoned on 18 November to serve the remainder of his sentence in the Filingué prison, near Niamey. He seems, de facto, excluded from the presidential race in December 2020. Finally on page 16, PSC Interview: Egypt’s key achievements as AU chair in 2019 At the 33rd AU summit in February 2020, Egypt will complete its term as chair of the AU and hand over the baton to South Africa. The PSC Report spoke to Egypt’s Ambassador Osama Abdelkhalek on the achievements and challenges during the year.