Peacekeeping in Sierra Leone: UNAMSIL Hits the Home Straight

“This monograph provides a brief overview of the inconclusive interventions in the Sierra Leone conflict, up to and including the initial phase of UNAMSIL deployment. It reports in more detail on the subsequent advances made in the peace process, with specific emphasis on the present role of UNAMSIL in support of the AbujaII Agreement. While the focus is clearly on the political-military process that is geared towards taking the people of Sierra Leone to the polls in May 2002, attention is also paid to a number of interrelated and often thorny issues that, though beyond the mandate of the UN Mission,undoubtedly impact upon the prospects for security, justice and economic recovery. The latter include British support for security sector reform, the extremely contentious diamond industry, the use (and
abuse) of children as soldiers and the debate on whether war criminals should be prosecuted or given amnesty.”