Performance and Competitiveness of Small and Medium Sized Manufacturing Enterprises in Botswana

“Small and Medium Enterprises play a crucial role in achieving the industrial and economic development objectives of an economy. SME’s play an important role in employment creation, especially for the unskilled and semi skilled. They also possess the potential to earn foreign exchange. This study is an expedition to find out, using a more inquisitive approach, the state of affairs for doing business vis-a-vis the performance and competitiveness of the SME’s. As a firm level survey, the study more closely investigates the SME firms in an attempt to answer questions pertaining to their performance and competitiveness. The study addresses the following : to analyse the performance and competitiveness of the manufacturing SME’s. To identify the constraints that SMEs are faced with. To analyse the macro and micro economic environment within which the SMEs operate and to identify policy reform needs.”