Briefing Paper

Policies for Enhanced Fisheries Productivity and Security

Fisheries contribute at least $10 billion to African economies annually. In countries such as Angola, Egypt and Namibia, fisheries are the vital economic
activities. The fisheries industry is also a solution to food security, especially since fish and fish products offer a good source of protein. The SADC region has an abundance of fish. This translates to being a food source, a livelihood and
an economic activity. It is important that this activity, like many other such activities, is coordinated. It is important that expensive research is communicated and, in so doing, prevent duplication. Therefore, coordinated research involving partners and stakeholders can be better harnessed to address burning issues. Very closely allied to information exchange is the
training and capacity building component, which will add value to the valued fisheries sector. Educating communities about best practice involves, among others, being familiar with indigenous fish, conservation of marine resources, climate change and how it affects fish and fish stocks.