Political Parties and Democracy in Mauritius

“The main objectives of this study were to analyze the internal functioning of political parties and to understand how the external regulatory framework impacts on democratic political culture in Mauritius. The study demonstrates that the major political parties in Mauritius are well anchored and have important social roots, which are largely inspired by a socialist ideology. All major parties have a party constitution but not all party members have full knowledge of it. The study demonstrates in a systematic manner the dominance of party leaders, be it at the level of selection/ nomination of candidates, party funding or political strategy (coalition partners). However, consultations with party members are encouraged. Finally the report makes a number of recommendations regarding the consolidation of democratic governance in Mauritius. Democratic governance, this report argues, is not only about having regular and peaceful alternation of parties through elections that are administered by an efficient institutional framework accepted across a wide spectrum, it is also about political parties gauging and understanding the needs of the people and shaping and formulating policies that respond to those needs. In short, democratic governance is about economic and social engineering that provides for sustainable human development. “