Rationale and Capacity of Pastoral Community Innovative Adaptation to Climate Change in Ethiopia

“This study was undertaken in Afar and Somali Regional States to assess the rationale and competence of pastoral community innovative adaptation to climate change impact. Focus group discussion (FDG), individual interviews and key informant interviews were held in
selected areas in Afar region and Somali region. For cross triangulation, in depth interviews with ninety two respondents were held. The results indicate that Afar and Issa Somali Pastoralists are adapting to climatic changes through locally innovative ways including; changes in house construction materials, traditional early warning system, maximization of
female animal herd, detecting and using changes in goat behavior to predict season forecast and also traditional water cooling system of drinking water. This research output provides a framework for addressing climate change problems faced by the Ethiopian pastoralists and assists them in realizing their potential to rise up to the challenge. It will also enable
policy makers and NGOs to take an appropriate course of action in policy and programme development.”