Report on Scoping Visit to Kenya: 19-22 June 2017

Twende Mbele programme seeks to support governments in South Africa, Uganda and Benin to
strengthen government-wide Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems, practices, and their capacity to analyse M&E findings. The programme enhances government accountability and transparency towards citizens and takes a continental peer learning approach to tackle common challenges to M&E of government programmes in Africa. In terms of benefit, Twende Mbele programme seeks to strengthen government M&E systems and practices as tools for learning about how to improve government performance and accountability. At outcome level, the programme is expected to catalyse and embed changes to the current M&E systems; countries to these improved systems; and use them to inform their development policies and programmes. Twende Mbele started with three core partners who all have well developed national evaluation systems. The programme intends to extend collaboration with other African countries. The aim is to both widen the peer-learning, both between new partners and with existing partners. There are two categories of potential countries: a) those who have an evaluation system, which they are using to improve government performance and accountability b) those who are already using M&E and are keen to deepen their M&E work, and the extent to which it influences national government performance.