Working Paper

Resource Allocation Model for the Constituency Development Fund

“The research reported on in this paper has calculated a composite index of deprivation using 2010 Census data, drawing on the experience of similar initiatives in other countries and using internationally accepted statistical techniques. This index shows that the socio-demographic variables that have the greatest influence on deprivation in the Zambian Constituencies are: lack of access to piped water and toilets, traditional dwelling whose material for walls, roofs and floor are not solid, lack of access to electricity, solar power, gas or bio fuel, living in a female headed household, being a child under the age of 5 years, being illiterate, and being unemployed youth. The deprivation index was calculated at the constituency level. The highest levels of deprivation are experienced in the Sinkongo, Luapula, Lukulu-West, Sinjembela and Zambezi-West constituencies. To equalize development across the country there is need for policy intervention to re-allocate more resources in these need areas. The analysis shows that deprivation is skewed to rural dominated constituencies.”