Reversed Migration Trends in the Kondoa Eroded Area: Lessons for Future Conservation Activities in the Hado Project Areas, Tanzania

“The main objective of the project was
conserving land and water and reclaiming the already depleted areas. During the early years of its existence, the project emphasised land conservation and afforestation programmes. In collaboration with the district administration, the project identified villages that were severely affected by land degradation in the form of gully and sheet erosion. Settlements located in such villages were resettled to other areas. This measure was taken to reduce the impact of population pressure and enable the process of environmental recovery.Similarly, the project destocked the whole Kondoa Irangi Highlands in 1979. Livestock were thought to be a major cause of land degradation and an obstacle to land conservation activities. The removal of human population and the eviction of livestock in the KEA were followed by amendments and enacting of new by-laws to -take care of the settlement distribution, land use and environmental conservation issues in the Kondoa district.”