Briefing Paper

The Rise and Root Causes of Islamic Insurgency in Mozambique and its Security Implication to the Region

The rise of jihadi insurgency in Mozambique’s northern province of Cabo Delgado is attributed to multidimensional causes: social and economic factors, influence of radical preachers and endogenous process of extremism advancement in the province. It is worth mentioning that the insurgents aspire to establish a political order of Sharia rule. However, the causes for this violent movement relate to weak public services, poverty, unemployment, corruption and youth radicalization by foreign and national preachers. While the insurgents grow in strength, confidence and operational capacity, the state-armed and intelligence forces are poorly structured and ill prepared to lead small, rapid and well-resourced special counter-insurgency units and Navy to challenge the group. Hence, a multidimensional solution should be attained by including all transnational and strategic actors operating in Cabo Delgado.