SAIIA International Affairs Bulletin, vol. 9, no. 1, 1985

“In this number of the Bulletin we have elected to present our readers with
two lengthy but significant articles. The first is the fruit of co-operation
between Heribert Adam and Stanley Uys. Although new developments in
relations between South Africa and Mozambique occur almost weekly, this
analysis of Nkomati’s effect on regional relations shows the Accord to be of
more than merely short-term significance for southern Africa and perhaps for South Africa’s wider international relations. Our second article, by Professor Karl Magyar, presents some arguments for and against United States’ disinvestment in South
Africa. Our final contribution to this issue is the text of the South African
government’s recent report to the United Nations on its activities in Antarctica. In 1959 South Africa signed the Antarctic Treaty along with eleven other states, one of which was the Soviet Union. The text of the treaty is appended.”