Strategies to Support South Africa Smallholders as a Contribution to Government’s Second Economy Strategy: Volume 2: Case Studies

“This is Volume 2 of the study ‘Strategies to Support South African Smallholders as a Contribution to Government’s Second Economy Strategy.’ It contains the accounts of the 16 case studies that comprised the main ‘data’ for the analysis presented in Volume 1. However, beyond their function of supporting the analytical exercise presented in Volume 1, as a group these case studies have a life of their own as a rich and diverse repository of descriptive and interpretive narratives depicting various types of smallholders in diverse circumstances and environments. the case studies are merely grouped by province, with provinces sequenced very roughly
from southwest to northeast. It should be noted, however, that the larger study makes no attempt to achieve ‘national representivity’ (thus, regrettably, there are no case studies from Northern Cape,
Free State or Mpumalanga), although the case studies do address a wide breadth of agro-ecological zones and production systems.”