Strengthening Linkages Between Policy Research and Policy Making for Sustainable Development in Africa

“This book volume presents key papers on the subject drawn from the conference
presentations, workshops and the commissioned papers. All the authors present a common position on the need to strengthen the links amongst the disparate but mutually re-inforcing arms of successful policy development and implementation cycles for more inclusive growth in all economies. The challenges and consequences of African researchers, private sector actors and civil society actors being left at the fringes of policy-making processes in Africa at
both national and regional levels were described as dare for sustainable development on the continent. It was noteworthy that African policies are seldom based on empirical evidences
either garnered through consultations amongst citizens or through policy research by African experts. Researches conducted in Africa by Africans are seldom used for policy-making leaving many policies poorly socialised within African realities. On the other hand, policymakers face the challenge of relying on Consultants from outside the continent be it from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, United nations Agencies, and other global institutions and networks of excellence as most research conducted in Africa by African institutions and experts are largely informed by the priorities of the funding partners, mostly
from the global North. It is therefore not suprising to find that the gaps between policies and implementation of the same remain wide and increasing in the continent. The challenges are complex and vicious in nature but there is no gainsaying the need to strengthen the linkages between policy research, policymaking, and policy implementation if Africa’s struggle to achieve sustainable development is to be realised.”