Sudan: Eighteen Months After the CPA

“This report will attempt to provide a brief overview of the current dynamics unfolding in the Sudan. It focuses on the implementation of the CPA, though, as a consequence of the rapidly changing environment, the report gives attention only to those aspects of the process that are likely significantly to challenge the implementation process. While this report has focused largely on the Abyei issue with regard to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, there remain other issues of concern that will require both the support of the international community and also domestic political will if they are to be resolved. The most pressing of these is the question of the reintegration and return of refugees. Although there has been significant political mobilisation around the need for people to return to places of origin, conditions in those areas are far from conducive to permanent resettlement. Indeed, the UN has already reduced their envisioned numbers of returnees in order to focus more substantively on reintegration issues. Humanitarian efforts have been affected by localised fighting emanating from inter-tribal clashes in areas such as Western
Civil Affairs General trends Equatoria and Jonglei. In addition, the SPLA efforts to disarm groups in Jonglei and Upper Nile continue to have a troubling effect on the security situation.”