Sustaining Good Governance in Water and Sanitation in Uganda

“This paper focuses on the progress Uganda has made in attaining the MDG targets on water and sanitation and concentrates on the governance framework for delivering that country’s water and sanitation MDG targets. In particular, it focuses on the institutional framework for delivering the targets by 2015, the monitoring and accountability framework, and public participation in decision-making as it relates to water and sanitation. The current state and progress towards attainment
of the MDG targets, as well as the level of investment made to ensure the targets are reached by 2015 are addressed. Questions are addressed on whether the current state of progress is sustainable, and whether delivery of targets by 2015 can be agreed. The paper then goes on to propose that in order for Uganda to sustain the progress made so far and to enhance its capacity for meeting the MDG targets by 2015, it needs to adopt several interventions, including the adoption of a rights-based framework. Such
a framework is required as water and sanitation encompass several rights that
need to be taken into account in order to enhance Uganda’s capacity to sustain and meet the MDG targets.”