Working Paper

Technological Challenges of Climate Change Adaptation in Nigeria: Insights from Enugu State

“Climate change impacts depend on a range of the climate parameters’ changes and on the country’s social, cultural, geographical and economic backgrounds. The location and size of, and the characteristics relief in Nigeria especially Enugu state give rise to a variety of climates ranging from tropical rainforest climate along the coasts to the sahel climate to the northern parts of the country. Climate change is also threatening not only to the sustainable development of socio-economic activities of any nation but also to the totality of
human existence. Nigeria and even Enugu State begun to feel the effects of climate change as the frequency and intensity of extreme events like droughts and floods have increased. Farmers in the study area pointed out that the manifestations of climate change are mainly through
decrease in rainfall pattern, increase in pest infestation in both crops and animals, heavy loss of pasture
land/vegetation and premature ripening of crops. Also the result of the findings shows that the farming systems stopped in the last ten (10) years by the farmers in Enugu state due to climate change include sole cropping, continuous cropping, shifting cultivation and crop rotation among others.”