Briefing Paper

The Banyamulenge and the Unmaking of the Congolese State: Issues and Prospects

“This policy brief attempts to examine Joseph
Kabila’s relationship with the Banyamulenge
and assess whether this relationship would lead to the Banyamulenge’s feeling more accepted as Congolese or continuing to be regarded as ‘foreigners’, as the previous administrations portrayed them. The idea is to explore the inner reactions of the Banyamulenge and to analyse whether they are likely to support another uprising in the lead-up to the 27 November 2011 presidential elections. The main bone of contention between the Banyamulenge and Joseph Desire
Kabila has not been resolved: that of citizenship for the Banyamulenge. If this issue is not resolved by the Kabila regime before the elections, there is a fear that a Banyamulenge uprising might be imminent.”