Briefing Paper

The Food Security Situation in the South African Development Community

“This brief gives an overview of the important issue of food security in the Southern African Development Community(SADC). Since nine of the fourteen SADC
countries have been classified as ‘Low Income Food Deficit Countries’ (LIFDCs) by
the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) (see appendix table for details), the problem of food insecurity needs urgent attention. In this brief, I attempt to examine the links between agriculture, trade and food security.
In summary, the literature suggests that regional integration can contribute to
increased food security in the SADC region, and that there is scope for greater intra-regional trade in cereals and other foodstuffs. The ultimate aim of a food security strategy would be for the region as a whole to be self-sufficient in cereal production as well as in the production of other food crops. Barring this, the ability to purchase food on the world market in times of severe regional drought would constitute a secure food situation.”