The Growth Agenda Priorities for Mass Employment and Inclusion: Insights and Key Recommendations

“South Africa is on a low road of stagnating growth, policy confusion and
gridlock, rising social tension and uncertainty about the future. Our ‘good story’ of democratisation and greater inclusion sounds more and more hollow to the unemployed and poor who remain excluded from what, in truth, has always
been an insider story. Even those, black and white, who have done well out of
South Africa’s transformation from racial tyranny, have reason to be concerned
about the future as we get poorer and slide into a zero-sum contest for the
fruits of a stagnating economy. A new democracy with serious challenges of
unemployment and poverty cannot afford to stand still. Some of our situation
can be explained by unfavourable global economic conditions and the legacy
of apartheid, but too much is the result of poor policy choices and misguided
thinking about what drives growth and employment. This document and its six
companion reports identify the catalytic priorities on which the country must
focus in order to grow faster and create more jobs. To stick to this focus may
involve tough choices, but they are not as tough as the choices we will meet if
we continue down the low road.”